Sunday, January 20, 2013

You are most welcome! :)

Come visit us at

Yes, we are using this one now.. :))

See ya!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This one should have won!

Good job Black! :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Good morning all!

Hi, i will update you something real soon.. :)
Gonna create a new blog!!.. A continuation to this one for sure.. We have a 1000+ posts already and that our picture upload button is no longer can be used.. Hahahaha..
So, you might see us somewehere where we call 'home' too.. :))
Check out :
Yes, i'll be writing a lot.. and i guess later we will be having "thatcutelittleoutfit", "thatcutelittleribbonbow", "thatcutelittledress", "thatcutelittlesmile", "thatcuteschoollife", "thatcutecollegelife", "thatcuteworklife" and "thatcutemarriedlife".. hahahahaha.. Kidding!
So, whenever i am no longer active here, u can find me there, but not just yet.. it is still under construction.. :P
Will update you real soon..!
BYE!! :))


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday all!!

Mummy Purrs!! Yes, say Hello Kitty to me!!

Anak mummy, mummy pinjam jap yek?? Tihihihi.. :P

When i tell the world now, can i call this 'stealing'?? :P Kekeke..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Egypt and Gangnam Style!

Remember my Ilham Echenta turban i bought last month? Hehehe.. Today, i wore my turban to the office.. Thanks to my sis Ijan who always say "Pakai la, pakai jer.." tihihi..

So, early this morning's joke at the office.. Taken from my FB status:

I came to the office today with my turban on.. The funny part was, when my 'bapak' Mr Yong said this.. 'Ohhh, hari ni datang pakai itu.. Rasa macam di Egypt!.. Itu style apa itu?? Gangnam style ka??' kekeke.. Wait2, i want... to process this, 'mmmmm, Egypt and Gangnam style..' I can't see any similarities there, but it sure is funny!'.. Really made my day at the office today.. hehehe.. :P

~ with Echenta Fadzil, Shafarizan Binti Ramly.. My inspirations!! Hi ladies! :))

Monday, January 14, 2013

My teacher, Mrs Thanavathy! :)

Hello teacher! :))

This is me, Sara.. Harri told me that his mom has her own FB too, and i was like "I got to add her!" :))

How are you? :) I miss everyone back in Kedah, and ofcoz i miss all the memories that i have created in your class (tuition class) with Harri, Koo Kai Foo, Sabrina, Bavani, Azri, Izril, Farah and all! Missing everyone.. Most of them are already in my FB list, and now i got to add another special person, i got to add you! :))

I hope to visit you and Harri one day.. :) ( When is he going to get marry.. His gf is so gorgeous! :)) ) I am so happy to see your pictures and i got to say that you looked just the same, just the way i remember you back then when i was only 12! :)) Amazing!

Thank you teacher for everything.. You were so nice towards us and not one time that you neglected us when we were studying so hard for our UPSR, and i just love to see your proud face, when we shared our results.. :)) You have done so much for us! :))

Happy Teachers Day, for all the years i missed, and i hope to see you real soon! :))

p/s: Harri, thanks! :P

Harri in his Beach- kinda- feeling shirt.. :P Hehehehe.. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Congratulations to the love birds.. :)

With Irma Hasmi and my dear Lina.. :)
 With Lina and Epol.. :)

Congratulations to Amir and Sofia.. :))

Supporting Aunty Lina's event: Littlekids at The Square, Publika..

 Pop quiz time! I got the answer right! :)) Yeahhh! So i got to bring back some goodies from Marks and Spencer, plus voucher of RM50, redeemed, and got my kids new Explora! :)) Yesss!

I love Dina Tokio!

You're so beautiful, so funny, so real!! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Happy 4th year Anniversary, dad! :)

A celebration to celebrate our King and Queen.. Yes, yellow is so right.. :)

Let the love story begins.. :)

I was so amazed with the theme and the color that both newly wed chose.. They picked Royal Yellow! :)) Nice right?? Yes, i was joking around with them, siap menjunjung patik, harap diampun.. Kekekeke.. :P

It was a beautiful wedding, with lovely faces of dear Kedah family.. :) The best thing ever was that my Maklang came! Oh my, when i saw her there, i was so excited, and alhamdulillah, she looked great, sihat, smiling all the way.. :) Tok couldn't be there, sebab Tok tak sihat di Kedah.. :( I am looking forward to go back to Kedah, and hopefully dapat beraya di sana juga.. Dah lama tak ziarah kubur my dad.. In Shaa Allah, i need not take any break from my job, simpan cuti for raya.. Hehehehe.. :P

Hubby's cousin was so sweet, saying that i looked like Cleopatra today.. Kekekeke.. :P How ironic, the dress that i wore today memang the dress that i wore during our CIMB Annual dinner, couple of years back.. And yes, the theme was Egypt! Hihihihi..

Got to meet up with The Hoohaas too.. This time takder la sorang lambat, sorang lebih awal, and sorang balik cepat.. Kekeke.. :P Apa2 pun, i just love all of them.. :)
Congratulations again Khairul and Ainnoor.. :)

Okie dokie, pictures time.. Enjoy! :)

 With Kak Adik, Shaista, Pija, Lil Lokman and baby Awal.. :)

 My Maklang.. You will always have a special spot in my heart, forever.. I love you!

Friday, January 11, 2013

What we did last night.. Biscuits House! :))

Mummy- kids bonding time after a day at the office.. :))

Our house.. The kids version.. :P

Trial Version: Biscuits House..

When we feel like doing something different.. :)

Yes, when we feel like it, we would just find time and think of what to do for our "Mummy- Kids" fun time/ activities at home, and this time, we made our first Biscuits House.. :) No baking required for sure.. :P

At first we wanted to do it during our weekend's class, but we decided to proceed anyway as a trial version.. Hessa can't take chocolates right now, so not much decorations can be done for our Biscuits House.. It's okay anak2 mummy, later when adik's eczema dah hilang, we would do this again, okay? :)

Aidan kept on asking adik to be extra careful when decorating the 'house' and he took a picture of it, and made himself a movie.. Yer, he just destroyed our cake in the video, and went 'Oh my God, sorry mummy!' kekeke.. It's okay, dalam video jer pun, anak mummy.. :P

Messy time, makan, and yes, jom mandi! :)

I love doing all these with them.. Even after balik keje and letih sangat2, somehow when i saw them excited and interested enough to join me, i would feel so content and relax.. Well, uhuk2, mesti gak ada time mummy went.. "Kejaaaaapppp lerrrrr".. kekeke.. :P

What we need.. :))

Icing works as glue too.. :))

Our construction side.. :P

Happy expression??? Confused mummy.. hehehe.. :P

Tadaaaaa.. :)) Simple one ofcoz.. :))
Decorating time.. :)) A door indeed.. :)) Yang nih mummy buat dulu.. As an example.. :))

And then pegang tangan sorang2, and proceed with the rest.. Windows, flowers.. :))

Now, buat sendiri yer.. Tihihihi.. Messy time.. Enjoy!!! :)

Siapppppp.. :)))))

Okay, makan time.. :)) Nyum2.. :))

Tingggg tinggg!!

On my left, we have.. Aidan!! HEAVY weight champion for 2 years in a row!!!

And the crowd go : Yeahhhhhhhh!!! Go go Aidan!!!


On my right, we have.. Hessa!! Light weight cha.... (tak abis lagi sentence mummy)

And the crowd go : Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Battling eye lashes.. >..<


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh no! Save your legos anak mummy!!!

Aidan's short story on Call of Duty! 

How cool is this??? :)))

Look at what my Aidan came up with??? He created his first short movie ever! :P 

Daddy helped him downloaded this 1 short movie app of 'Call of Duty' and we were so surprised when he came and show us this!! Wahhhhh! Daddy pun tak cuba lagi.. Hmmmm..

Yes, ofcoz he just need to hold the camera and point somewhere, and that's about it.. But he just knew what and where to press this button and that button to make himself a complete short story.. Wahhhh Wahhhh Wahhh! :P

Good job anak mummy! I LOVE IT! It looks kinda real.. :P Don't you think so? :P

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh Angelina.. :)

Kids and all their favs!

The Little Big Club.. :)


Soul searcher Yuora.. Anyone remember me as Yuora?? :P

It's all about Hessa and Hello Kitty! :))

Puteri Harbour

Hello Kitty's:


Dizzy Wheels

Cute House

Bakery Shop

Nail Salon

Friendship Playland

Solving Puzzles

To sum up:

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