Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi Daddy, Bye Daddy!

Yeah! Today, mummy received a call from daddy.. Daddy decided to bring us to see Dr Siti tomorrow.. Yeepee! Another of my favorite days.. I can see my baby inside and get to know how he is doing.. Mummy hope everything is fine in there.. Hellooo? Hihihi.. I hope you get enough nutrients as mummy always ensure that i eat good, consume as much water as possible, my maternal milk for your brain, yummy vege from KFC, everything! Hehehe..

Since daddy is going to Singapore this Wednesday, he wants to ensure that we are fine, great and doing marvellous! What a wonderful daddy we have right? Daddy have this some kind of Motivational Course by T. Harv Eker, and it is call Never Work Again.. I wonder, what are they trying to teach us? To never work again and still able to survive? Hehehe.. Well, i bet it has something to do with figuring ways for one to have passive income.. Wonderful! Brilliant.. I am sure interested with this kind of course.. It is time where money works for you.. Bravo!

Mummy is actually one of the participants in that course.. Since my previous condition wasn't so pretty enough, i decided to skip the course. Mummy had already paid more than half of the whole fee, and i hope it still can be used for the next course.. Maybe this time from other trainer like Anthony Robbins.. Who knows.. ? :)

Back to my most exciting story, I can't wait for tomorrow little Aidan.. Mummy really miss seeing you although i know that you are in me, and that we are one now.. Still, I always mention to daddy, that i miss my Aidan so.. so.. so.. much! Daddy would just smile at me because he knew that mummy is a little bit sensitive about this whole mummy- Aidan thingy.. hehehe.. Yup, daddy.. a morning kiss for Aidan is lovely! Great! See you tomorrow baby! :)
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