Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mummy's Beauty Regime?

Mummy: Do i have one? scratch.. scratch..!

I know.. I know.. no air, no wind, i suddenly wanted to write about this thing, people call beauty regime.. It's true that normal days, you might want to stay with the right beauty regime.. Very important in order to maintain that youthfullness.. Ahaks! Winks! But it is hard to do so, when you are pregnant.. Well, some people say, it is not so hard- lah.. Hmmm.. this is my view.. my blog.. this is what i think! Hahaha.. Grrr..

Well, the reason being is that, since i am pregnant, i can feel that i don't really have the needs to follow all my used to be beauty regime.. Since time had always been my close enemy during my first trimester, i didn't really see the importance of it.. Really.. Well, what ever it is, my skin will still be dull, my gums would still swell, and many others that is actually normal during pregnancy.. Not that i totally ignore this important routine, but it's a challenge to follow it thoroughly.. I just applied the basics.. There! Hahaha.. (with crossed fingers and pray that everything will come back to normal :) )

However, what i rarely forget during my pregnancy is to keep my cocoa butter stretch marks cream close to me.. Palmer’s Organics Massage Cream for Stretch Marks helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, naturally. A special combination of Cocoa Butter, Aloe, Vitamin E, Soybean Oil, Collagen and Elastin lubricates the skin, helping retain its natural elasticity and moisture. Wow! Mummy should be Palmer's spokesperson right? Hahaha.. :P
This is major important for mummy because as a lady, ofcoz you want to keep everything about you as "nice" as before.. Hahaha.. "Nice"?.. :P

Besides that, mummy ofcoz think about my baby, Aidan.. In order for my baby to have a very clean, fair, good skin, it is advisable for mummy, to drink a lot of soy bean, milk, eat a lot of fruits, vege and consume a lot of water.. Plus my 3 "khul's" that mummy always recite for you.. Very powerful prayers and should be a habit.. Aidan should also make this a habit.. Always recite 3 "khul's" when you are big enough kay? :) My good boy!

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