Sunday, August 2, 2009

Little Aiman's Akikah!

Aiman Khaizuran, Aunty Delima and Uncle Azren's son had his 'akikah' ceremony yesterday.. Held at Sungai Buluh, Aunty Delima's house, and it was a small yet very warm and friendly gathering.. Although mummy can see that the ceremony was a little bit private a.k.a more for close friends and relatives, it was ofcoz a really special day for the proud parents.. Nice!

Since mummy didn't really feel very good with fever and running nose, i could hardly smell things, in a way, ofcoz this affect my peasure when it comes to food.. But i did believe that food there, were delicious, with my favorite 'sambal udang', just made me crave for more! Kekeke..

Looking at the whole ceremoy, mummy can't wait to have yours.. With 'cukur jambul' and 'baby shower' at the same time.. It will be perfect! Mummy did come across this planner of Cradle and All, where they were incharge in most of the celebrities-daughter-son-akikah- and-all.. Erra! Well, most of the things like the door gifts and stuff, i can manage my own.. Mummy already have ideas of what to do for the door gifts, although i am too way fast to think of all these right?? Hahaha.. But mummy did love the fact that they provide a cradle with decorations, so nice! Great right? Aidan shall have your 'akikah ceremony' with style! The rest, just leave it to mummy and daddy.. We'll sort things out.. Kekekeke.. Love.. Love..
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