Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mummy's- being- 7 months- pregnant- project! This is just special! I made it myself! Yeepee!

What project : Qalif Aidan's outfit that he will be wearing home from the hospital.. :)

What kind : Plain white Romper, thanks to Carter's! (and Daddy too :) hahaha)

What is so special about it : Personalized name of Aidan, made by mummy.. :)

Where did it : In our room in Tok Ba's house, Kelana Jaya..

When did it : Since it is now Ramadhan, fasting month, i have all the time in the world to finish up this one cute project in only a day!

Our project starts with..

What we actually need :

Book on 'cross stitch' - Thanks to Celebration Alphabets! :P

The one mummy pick.. Cute alpabets with bottle, duck, etc.. Super cute!

Plain white romper.. Thanks Mr Carter! :)

Colorful threads..

The process :



The Outcome :
Mummy's pride and joy!! Aidan's own personalized romper!! Yeah!

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