Friday, August 28, 2009

One of my pictures that I love the most!

After spending quite some time, renovating your page, kekeke.. mummy came across this picture.. It is a very special picture of mummy and daddy on our wedding day.. Unlike other pictures, where we were told to give that typical newly wed pose, this one just captured that one true moment, whereby daddy just turned and gave me this look, with a smile, not saying anything.. but, i got the whole message.. 'We did it! This is it.. It is finally happen! We belong together!'.. or in short.. 'We're done!'.. Kekeke..

I love it.. Just love it! With that smile, we are now waiting for your arrival, our precious one, the lucky one, because you are everything to both of us, and all the great things are waiting for you here.. We love you Aidan! :)
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