Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salam Ramadhan!

To all family and friends, we would like to wish you Salam Ramadhan, and Selamat Berpuasa! Happy Fasting, guys! Both my hubby and I pray for this Ramadhan to be the best month for all of us, to challenge ourselves to be better, to restrict ourselves from doing things that are not beneficial at all, and to pray for His bless and love, in order to for us to lead the lives that we are longing for.. We need to change to be better, and nothing will help us, except for His will.. God's will.. :)

Today, i am very happy to celebrate my first fasting day, being not only a wife to my dearest hubby, a daughter- in- law to my in-laws, but also to know that i am carrying my Aidan in me.. Well, i was like. 'Can i get through this? Fasting, and at the same time knowing that this child of mine, may need me to actually 'eat'?'.. Well, all the nutrients and stuff.. 'Aidan's-must-have!'.. I know darling!

So, this morning, we all woke up for our 'sahur' and i prayed real hard for today.. I ended up talking to Aidan, persuaded him to stay calm, and enjoy Ramadhan.. 'Patient, kay?? We need to fast.. We can't eat all the time.. Aidan good boy right??'.. Hehehe.. So now, that he seems calm inside of me, i think he is okay with what we discussed just now.. Although i feel a little bit hungry, well, that's normal (being me.. kekekeke).. I think we can manage for today, and if we were, what a great feeling to know that we might end up completing one whole month.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Here are the samples of our Ramadhan posters.. Nothing fancy, just pictures of mummy and daddy, that mummy found in daddy's hard drive, and i ended up, making 2 e-posters for our Ramadhan shout out.. InsyaAllah, next year, we gonna have lil Aidan as well, being part of us, to bid all of our family and friends Salam Ramadhan, and Hari Raya too.. We just can't wait.. Right, Aidan?? :)

So, guys, Salam Ramadhan again.. may all of us being blessed with his unconditional love and affections.. Amin.. :)
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