Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Due to Aidan's prem delivery, and that he showed me how strong 'this little fella' is.. (how strong he is.. :) and that my sister, Makngah call him 'a fighter'..) my husband and i decided to change his name to 'Muhammad Khalif Aidan'..

Yup, it sounded almost the same.. but more 'afdhal' in a way, whereby the spelling of 'Khalif' = Khalifah, is much more appropriate.. We also came across the other meaning of Aidan.. 'Aidan' means.. 'celebration = raya'..

According to one Ustaz that i referred to, Aidan = Aidilfitri = Aidil Adha = Aidin.. Maybe that's why Aidan chose to be delivered one week before raya, since he is mummy's 'anak raya!!" kekeke..

However, Aidan's blog will remain the same.. It's just that.. "People!! Qalif is now Khalif okay??" :P kekeke..
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