Thursday, September 3, 2009

It won't be long now.. There's so much to do.. * Happy sigh! :)

Oh my God, how far along am i?? Kekeke.. I have another 2 months to go, to see my heart and soul, little Aidan.. I am Super Busy now, preparing for his arrival.. It's like waiting for a King.. :P (since the preparations need to be thorough and just like the way i want it to be).. I want to make it a special one for him.. And ofcoz, it goes to all his siblings, later on.. Each will have his or her own sweet arrival's celebration..

Most of Aidan's basics are already with me.. and ofcoz, few other shopping trips need to be done
along the way.. Just to make sure mummy keeps on track of all the essentials, i already made myself one pretty handy lists.. :)

Mummy and Aidan have always being such a great partner in all our projects.. Mummy has been waiting for this time to make them real.. God's will, mummy had already completed Aidan's personalized outfit for him to wear back home from the hospital.. I did the cross stitch myself, and daddy was just amazed with the results, saying 'not bad aaaaa.. you're getting there.. :)'.. Thanks daddy for the support.. Kekeke..

The next special project is Aidan's project with Cradle n All.. Thanks to Aunty Emilia, and Aunty Mas, we are expecting the arrivals of Aidan's own personalized teddy, pillow and quilt, with Aidan's name on top.. I just can't wait for it.. Today, mummy went to see CnA for the second time to make sure everything runs smoothly and that we manage to get everything done on time.. Some of the samples can be seen in the picture above.. Ohhhh, so NICE!!!

Our baby announcement cards will be given to all our close friends and relatives.. Mummy already discussed with Aunty Jaja, and Aunty Mas on the 'baby biscuits'.. I am still waiting for the quotation, and it will be nice if we can attach our 'baby biscuit' with the baby announcement card.. It will be Super Cute!! We'll be having a lots of other baby shapes, like bibs, bottles, ramp, and so many more.. :P


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