Saturday, September 26, 2009

Counting days!! Yeahh.. i can see improvements.. Way to go Aidan!!

Alhamdulillah, yesterday i went too see my baby Aidan.. He weighted 1.6 kg.. Yup, he dropped like 0.03 kg, due to his sucking exercise.. (well, my Aidan has a little bit of a challenge in feeding/sucking).. He needs to use a lot of energy when sucking, that's why his weight dropped a little.. However, according to Dr. Sanjay, it is normal for prem baby to face it.. "Just wait for him to adapt to this changes.. It's a new thing for him.."..-Dr Sanjay..

Today, surprisingly, Aidan gained another 0.1kg.. What a great number.. 1.7kg! Good job baby.. Aidan is so strong, that everyone calls him a fighter and a survivor.. :) Mummy and daddy went to see you just now, to congratulate you ofcoz.. We were asked to wait for you in the feeding room.. "Well, no more incubator, i supposed:.. WOW!! I feel so happy up until now, that my baby will no longer be staying in that small box that we call incubator.. He's a big guy now, and will be treated like any other babies in the nursery.. Yeepee!!

I'm counting days now for my Aidan to come home with me.. Everyone misses you Aidan.. We all just can't wait to see you.. To see mummy's Beautiful.. Beautiful.. Beautiful.. Beautiful Boy.. :)
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