Monday, October 26, 2009

Fever.. fever.. Go away!

Aidan with fever?? Oh man! Pity this little guy, his face is red and he looks so uncomfortable.. But Aidan being Aidan, is a strong boy.. It started from last night, but then Aidan didn't cry at all.. Poor Aidan..

Thanks to daddy.. Hehehe.. The fact that daddy is the first one to get it.. :P Daddy, daddy.. please see the doctor, PLEASE! Hmmm.. our daddy is anti-doctor, clinic, hospital and medicine.. Kekeke.. Daddy, you are not a super hero okay?? :P

Now that mummy too, feeling not so good, i shall find myself a way to overcome it.. If not, 'saperla nak jaga anak mummy at 1 am, 3 am ni??' Kekeke.. Anyway, Aidan is now 2.8kg! Yeah!!

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