Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is how we do it.. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!

This is my cousin, Aniq.. This picture was taken by my beloved Achik Ita, Thanks Achik.. Aidan and Aniq's first meeting.. Hehehe..

Well, Aniq and Aidan is just one month different.. We are going to school together later on.. Yeepee! Although we are in the same age group, Aidan is small in size, compare to Aniq.. But mummy keep on telling Aidan that i'll catch up with the rest, my age.. Yes! I just can't wait.. :)

Aidan: Mummy, can i show Aniq my dance move? The one daddy taught me??

Aniq: What dance move??

Aidan: Oh, it's like this.. Play the music, mummy.. Here it goes.. "flip it.. flip it.. yo..!"

Aniq: Mmmm.. interesting..

Aniq: It looks easy.. Let me try.. "flip it ..flip it.."

Aidan: Oh no.. you're supposed to use your hands.. "flip it.. flip it.."

Mummy: Kekekeke..

Aniq: Wo..wo.. I think i'm good at this Aidan.. Look at me.. "flip it.. flip it.."

Aidan: Oh man.. his technique is awesome.. he's getting there.. Look at his moves..

Aniq: Now.. What do you think Aidan??

Aidan: Well.. it looks 'ok'.. Gulp!

Aidan: Man! I need to learn how to do that.. He's good.. Daddy.. Daddy.. Where are you??

Mummy: Hehehehe.. Hmmm.. now, can i swaddle you, baby?? :P

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