Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Well Fit".. To all mummies and upcoming mummies.. you might want to know this..

'Oh my.. he is so small, and although he is wearing only the 'top', it covers the whole body..'- WARNING: it is an absolute dangerous to let your baby to wear big top that can cover him or her entire body + when he or she sleeps, it covers the face too.. hmmm, or in short 2 sizes of his or her actual size,, and we are talking about babies or infants, who may not know what to do if the unforeseen circumstances take place.. AVOID Suffocation!

Especially for the prems, it's kinda hard to find prem clothes and if you find one, it is just a normal baby clothes, just that it is a little bit small.. Still, with their fragile and delicate body, you find it hard to dress them.. Oh my.. To make it easier for us, Mothercare has come up with prem baby clothes line that separate the sizes with the baby's weight.. They have early baby, tiny baby and etc.. What makes it different is that their prem clothes are designed to fold out flat to make dressing a tiny baby easier and allow access for special care.. :)

Check it out: ZAP.. ZAP!.. for more collections, check out..


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