Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What do you wanna be when you grow up, baby?? :P

Hmmm.. maybe a 6 fig income FOOTBALL PLAYER.. Weheeee!! :P

Maybe, a DOCTOR.. :) or a SURGEON.. Wow!!

Hmmmm.. or a SUPERSTAR?? Hahaha.. Thanks to J. Travolta!

Or maybe a soldier?? Gulp! :( Ihik Ihik..

Mmmm.. simply an Air Force FIGHTER PILOT??

But ofcoz, not a PIRATE.. Hahahaha!

Or a CLOWN.. :P

Or a Chewbacca.. Although you may like Star Wars later on.. Hehehe..

However, whatever life you choose, who ever you want to be, just remember where you come from, your family.. We will always support you.. And as for me, you are my baby and forever my little PUMPKIN! :)

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