Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bum.. bum.. bum.. Go back to sleep, Aidan..

The time is now 5.15 am, and as usual, it should be Aidan's '3rd' feeding time.. Well, more or less every 2 hours, Aidan would wake me up for it.. 1 am, 3 am, and also 5 am.. By 7 he wants to go downstairs and continue with his short nap, in the living hall, with an open door, and chilled morning air to greet him..

Now, mummy able to follow this little boy's pattern, as right after every feeding, Aidan would certainly go back to sleep.. He is a very easy boy to handle, although mummy is the one who choose to look after him while he goes back to sleep, since Aidan found it difficult to burp and sometimes resulted to massive vomitting, that would make me feel oh- so- worried ( if it happens during his sleep, he might get choked! OMG )

Tired? Endless nights? Hehehe.. i'm not going to whine over it since it is normal right? to stay awake at nights, looking after our child.. :) and since this is my first, it should be interesting right?? Now that daddy play his role too, it helps mummy a lot, to find times for a short nap in between his feedings.. And if i get so tired and my body says 'no! no! don't get up, i can't handle no more!', then daddy would take over the 'captain title' and mummy would also sleep like a baby then.. And ofcoz, since our bodies are designed like that, it would be vice versa for daddy, just in case daddy too feel really.. really.. reall tired! :) Yup, taking turns is just what we do best, and we always say ' Nevermind.. sabar sampai Aidan besar je.. This is temporary.. Once he is big enough, mesti lagi jerab, coz mummy dah boleh cuddle him tightly in my arms..' :) Now it is quite difficult, since he choose not to swaddle, and due to that, he always get shocked and 'un-jerab' sleeping pattern.. Tu la.. Tak dengar.. :P

* wait up.. Aidan's hiccups.. Gotta do something bout it.. BRB!

Okay.. continue.. :) so today is Saturday.. Usually daddy would suggest for us to go back to Kelana Jaya, and visit Tok Ba and To Ma.. Hmmmm.. Best2.. Since Aidan can't really get exposed so much, we can't bring him anywhere, except to Tok Ba's.. Pity Aidan.. :) I hope that Aian would grow fast, so it will be a joy to bring him about, and maybe we can even plan for a family- getaway thingy later on.. Super!

Hmmmm... ok then.. Now that he is asleep like nobody's business, i shall have my own sweet time, cleaning the room.. And his stuff too.. Gosh, the little one got so many stuff, that it covers half of the room to himself.. Don't tell me you too might need one room or closet for yourself! Man! ;p hihihi.. Bye!

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