Friday, November 13, 2009

Go figure!

This entry is all about mummy! Hmmm.. it has been two months now.. As i was admiring myself in the mirror a couple of days ago, hehehe.. i came to realize that i still have this 'challenge' with my tummy.. "Alamak, tak surut2 la my tummy ni.." "It's okay, in fact, i don't really mind.. and it is still new.. Just give it another couple of months.." - Daddy

Daddy did ask me earlier if i wanted to go for any slimming treatment programme, but i choose not to.. "No daddy.. invest on your dream house.. i'll manage this one.." So, mummy quickly called up Makngah and ask for.... HERBALIFE!! Hmm.. Makngah is one of the agent and it will be easier if i decided that i want to continue with it later on.. Thanks Makngah! Promote: Whoever wants to start 'herbalifing' kekeke.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Support our Makngah!!

Since last 17th, mummy have started my Herbalife program.. Before the program, mummy indulge mysef with FATS! Hahaha.. No.. no.. Hmmm... the reason for me to follow this program is that not that i want to be 'stick- thin', but healthy thin.. If the result is positive, it will be awesome..

I just can't wait to see the results later on.. Tomorrow, i shall upload my picture, 'Before' version, and we'll see the 'After' version once i completed the program.. Yeah!!

Even Beckham support it, okay?? Kekeke..

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