Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just another Sunday morning..

Hmmm.. last nite, mummy slept quite late.. Yup, chit chatting with Aunty D5, about all things- mother stuff, babies, the house.. Oh yeah, Aunty D5's house is right behind us.. Our neighbour.. We bought the house in Cahaya together.. :) It was 3 am in the morning, when both of us decided to end our conversation short.. 'Kalau cakap ngan ko, 2 hari pun tak abis..'.. - Aunty D5.. Kekeke! 'Tau takper..'- Mummy..

Last night, Aidan also couldn't sleep so well.. Maybe because of his phlegm in his throat, Aidan ended up making this weird sound.. Mummy was observing him, didn't want to wake this sleepy fella up.. As long as he breathe well and that he didn't show that he was in pain, mummy just let him be.. Right after that, daddy's turn to look after Aidan and mummy crawled tiredly and went to sleep.. Sampailah at 5, i woke up and fed him again.. Good boy!

Now that the little fella went back to sleep.. It is now.. MOVIE TIME!! Last week, we watched Coco Chanel, yup, the marvellous Coco..

Today, our MUST WATCH MOVIE, is.. THE UGLY TRUTH! As my little Aidan is sleeping right beside me, then we shall set the volume at its lowest.. Alamak, how are we going to enjoy this?? Kekeke.. Nevermind sayang.. I enjoy having you even more.. :)

Here is the trailer of the movie.. They said it is really, crazy funny.. We shall see if it is true.. Is it really NICE true or UGLY true?? Hehehe.. Starring, the beautiful Katherine Heigl, and 'We are Spartans! Gerard Butler.. So guys, let's rate it..

Woweeee.. Junior juice!! - for Amazingly Funny
Uhuk uhuk, can can je!! - for Funny

Uwaaa uwaaa, why why!! - for Amazingly Lame and

Oh Man! It stinks here!! - for Lame


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