Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nose sucker?? Hahaha.. It's nasal aspirator OK ! :P

My hubby and I laughed real hard just now, on our way back from visiting our new house in Cahaya.. Well it started off with the kecik, mummy's hero, the shayanggs Aidan.. Today, since mummy and daddy decided to have this so called - 3 of us- family- quality- time- together2, hehehe.. we brought this little fella along..

We thought of going to Giant to make some groceries and ofcoz, to buy Aidan his essentials, such as his Similac Formula and also his Huggies.. ( well, to be frank, we bought 2 similac formula and his diapers last week, and we thought that it could last longer, and we were totally wrong! ) However, i felt a little bit uncomfortable with the idea, the fact that Aidan wasn't fit enough to go to places like that, and that with his vomitting pattern, i refused to proceed with the plan.. So, daddy decided to bring us to our new house, and he wanted to visit Uncle Rahman, Aunty Wirda and Irfan.. Yup, Uncle Rahman has moved in to his new house in Cahaya.. Congratulations Uncle Rahman!!

Erggg.. going too far i supposed.. Back to the story, since Uncle Rahman wasn't around and that we too spent just few minutes looking at the house, plus right after having this warm conversation with our new neighbour, we decided to go home.. On our way back, Aidan suddenly screamed and he cried so hard, and mummy knew exactly why.. He wanted to throw up, and i could see milk coming out from his small mouth.. Aidan wasn't really into it that he cried and cried in tears, causing his phlegm in his throat to melt and came running from his nose.. Looking at it, mummy and daddy quickly grabbed his Doraemon-macam- macam- ada- bag, and pulled out this small- blue- thing- we called a "saviour" ( in a form of a thing.. hehehe ) to rescue him..

Thanks to : Baby Nasal Aspirator!!

With only few sucking, Aidan got to breathe easily and smoothly.. :) Tears came down, but he seemed so relieve.. Mummy too, felt like crying, but i was so happy since his phlegm and mucous were sucked, although i knew that i only managed to pull out maybe half of it.. It's okay, mummy will make sure this 'sucker' will always be with me, so that when Aidan get into the same scenario, mummy would be able to help you, sucking it.. :)

What a relieve.. Mummy and daddy started to compliment our ownself.. " Luckily, mummy asked u to buy this 'sucker' thing.."- Mummy.. " Eleh.. luckily, daddy who paid for it.." - Daddy.. Hehehe.. We both laugh.. " Sayang, what is it actually called huh??? I shall write about it in my blog.. This is handy for all mummies, they can help their infants, especially, if there's boogers in their nose.. " I think it is called nose Sucker??" hahaha.. " Yup, nose sucker thing that sucked ".. hahaha..

So, before writing in this entry, mummy typed in 'nose sucker', and suddenly i came to pages where those who had no idea wha it is actually called also, call it 'nose sucker'!.. I guess, not only us who suck at this.. Tihihihi.. And that person even mention that, he had no idea what is the name of this handy thing, and he feels stupid calling it 'Nose Sucker!'.. Kekeke.. Well, you are not alone! :P

Okay, for melted boogers, you can straight away use this 'sucker' thingy, and if it is for dried boogers, you need to be more careful,and let it melt first, using Saline to melt it, and this is way easy than forcing it out while it is dry.. Isn't it great!! Yeah!!

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