Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'Sakit pewut'..- Aidan

Hmmmm.. after 2 days, suffering from stomach ache and difficulty to pass motion, mummy and daddy decided to bring Aidan to see Dr Cheng.. again! Hehehe.. ( every week Aidan get to see him.. hmmm.. what a challenge now.. since Aidan doesn't really feel good since last week.. Fever, stomach ache, flu, etc.. ) Pity him!

This morning, mummy asked Nek Ainun to look at Aidan's tummy, since she came to help mummy with my post-natal massage.. again.. ( yup, for the second time ).. Then, we rushed to see the famous Cheng.. :)

" What happened now?? " Hmmm.. Aidan can't seem to pass motion for 2 days now, and mummy really don't know what to do.. Help!! Dr Cheng decided to proceed with this bullet- shape medicine to make it easier for Aidan to go 'toilet'.. Hehehe.. Wow, the size of the bullet is quite big, and Aidan gave no reaction at all when Dr Cheng pushed it in through his cute butt.. He was so calm, except when the bullet starts to function and Aidan with his uncomfortable face, gave a great, nice push.. Alaaaa.. pity him.. :( Uwaaaaaa! Aidan cried once succeeded..

Mummy felt so relieve and happy.. Hmmm.. weird feeling?? Hahaha.. Yup, as my nephews were laughing at me and my sis, Mak tam who seemed so relieve with what just happened, i came to realize that it is true when they say that, when you become a mother, you will only think of your children's sake and you only want the best for them, and even if it comes to helping him with his blocking nose, colic and stuff.. :) You just feel on top of the world.. Really.. :) and in my case, Aidan able to pass motion is just something for me to be proud of.. Hahaaha..! Weird!

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