Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sleeping with both eyes slightly open..

Some more, the eyes sometimes move side to side.. Serious! This is Aidan when he is totally tired.. Nak tutup mata pun dah tak larat.. :P Sometimes mummy feel so weird and question myself ' betul ker anak mummy ni tido, ke dia berangan?? ' Kekeke.. So what i did, i put my hand right infront of his face and move it side to side too, and see whether the eyes follow my hand or not.. ' Erggg.. tak follow la, tido ghupernyer si kicik ni.. '.. * Sigh..

Hmmm.. now i remember, the old folks used to say that ' ni mesti ketegaq, or as i put it gently here.. hmmm.. agak degil.. hehehe.. Nauzubillah, tak nak laaaaa!! No Mummy's son is a very good boy and listen to his mummy religiously, hokey?? .. kekeke.. Amin!

Aidan too always terkejut2 during sleeps.. Mummy don't like this.. That's why mummy tried to swaddle you, to minimize this sayang.. But, Aidan being Aidan refused to be swaddled.. Rimas! If mummy did it, Aidan would take a long breath and cry as if he is suffocating.. Bijak2.. Dah pandai yer baby mummy ni play tricks on me.. Kekeke.. :)

Position when sleeps?? In short everywhere! Let the picture speaks.. Kikiki..

I love you baby!
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