Monday, November 2, 2009

Victoria with Coco Chanel!

Vicky for Coco!

s we always love her, Victoria Beckham.. Like Coco, she also stress a lot on being elegant, and different.. Yup, she always wear that working- suit- type- clothes, even when she goes for shopping.. Hehehe.. It is true, you might catch her in one.. However, it has become part of her and you can put it as her signature look too.. CLASSY!

And as her empire grow bigger and bigger, she manage to push open another venture of hers.. Clothing line! Smart move! As she, herself has become a fashion idol to some of us.. So, what more could she ask for.. Well, open up a clothing business, create one fine- crazy- funny- cool advrtisement, and make a lot of promotion about it, and *k'ching! MONEY COMES IN! Hehehe..

Look at her clothing line.. You can tell, that is so... HER!! And we choose to.. LOVE it!! :)

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