Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You are what you eat, baby.. :)

Yesterday, i chatted with my gal pal who also a mother to the adorable Aariz, and most of the topics being discussed are on the progressions of our babies, and what they consume now, was one of them..

Aunty Anne asked me whether i still bf my son or that i rely on formula per se.. Hmmm.. the answer is Similac Neosure EyeQ Rich In Iron.. Yup, formula! Mummy rely on one although i, once, did promise myself to bf Aidan without alternating with any formula.. However, due to me 'dry' problem, hahaha.. mummy is unable to do so.. Don't ask me, i have no idea what went wrong.. Hmmm.. * Sigh.. :)

Since Dr Cheng also did recommend you, this Similac Neosure EyeQ Formula, mummy and daddy prayed so that it will help our little Aidan to develop and grow faster and faster.. And it actually helped Aidan a lot.. The first time that Aidan went to see Dr Cheng, he was only 2.15 kg.. And that was on the 13th last month.. Yesterday on the 4th, Aidan's weight increase and he is now the proud 3.1kg boy! Amazing right?? So fast maaaaa.. As mummy complimented Dr Cheng.. Well, it is normal for some babies, but since my Aidan is a prem baby, this is something for mummy and daddy to be proud of.. :) Kekeke..

Although Aidan frequently puke nowadays, mummy tried to monitor him.. Dr. Cheng said it has nothing to do with his milk, but maybe collic and wind.. We'll see.. If it is the formula, we better change to something else.. But so far.. Go Similac!! :))
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