Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You one 'manja' boy!

" No, no, no.. don't cry.. Aidan dah besar.. ".. But Aidan is still a baby la mummy, how can he understand everything you're saying.. And babies do cry.. It's their nature.. That's the only way for them to let us know what they want.. " Hmmmm.. exactly! ".. Sometimes, they cry when they are hungry, or wet, or they want to feel the warmth from hugs and stuff.. But, don't forget when they cry for no reasons at all.. Hahaha.. Yup, they do that.. Hahaha.. This is when you have no idea what to do, as they won't stop crying..

And, in my case, when Aidan does this, i take it as he wants to have this 'bond2' thing with me, whereby we would spend our time, making funny faces and stuff.. Yup, he wants to play..
So, these are his cute faces early this morning at 3.35 am.. I tried to feed him, but a 'big no no' from him, wet? hmm.. he just changed his diaper.. What else huh? Ok, i know.. it's play time.. But this time, it's cry game.. Aidan cried and cried and suddenly he stopped from crying and without any help from mummy at all, he closed his eyes and sleep.. Just like that! Hehehe.. Funny la mummy's boy ni.. :P

After that, Aidan suddenly 'angkat sumpah'.. Kikiki..

"I am Muhammad Khalif Aidan, promise to mummy and daddy, that i am going back to sleep and will only wake up at 7 am.. I will behave myself, so that both of them will be able to have enough sleep and energy for tomorrow.. I am one good boy mummy!".. and mummy goes..

"Yeah, i know.. Go back to sleep.. ZzzzZZzz.. ZzzzZzzz..
(with both eyes shut!).. and that's what he did.. he woke up at 7 as usual! :) Good boy!

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