Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ikea- Mammut set

Alonso car race bed.. Exactly this one! I found this picture from the internet.. It's not rm1499 anymore kay?? Hehehe..

We're back..!!

What a week.. * Sigh.. With no internet, mummy couldn't update anything at all.. Thanks to Acik, for reporting about the problem and today, we're back!! Yeah.. So much to tell, and mummy started to scratch myself on the head, thinking oh, where to start.. Hmmmmmm..

In short, mummy proudly to reveal that this kicik of mine, memang suka berjalan, and behaved so really well.. Amazing! Since last week, the internet line went crazy and that everyone in Tokba's house couldn't get online, mummy tried to find ways to make mummy and Aidan's days THE DAY!! kekeke.. So, started from last week, Aidan became my partner in crime for SHOPPING, and WINDOW SHOPPING some more.. Well, suri rumah pun mau jalan2 what.. Hehehe.. And we both loved doing it so much.. Not buying things kay, but to enjoy each other's company.. and Aidan hardly buat perangai.. Good job, buddy!!

Window shopping is so nice when it comes to surveying for furnitures.. I just can't wait to move in to our new house.. Decorating the house is something that i look forward too.. Now that mummy and daddy planned to redesign the rooms upstairs, it will be SUPER! :) Looking at our things now, we already occupied two bed rooms at Tokba's.. Wahhhh.. So many things! and i still got my collections of bags, shoes, dresses and many other at Opah's.. So daddy. what to do..?? And to my surprise, daddy decided to make use of the spacious space for living hall upstairs and convert it into our bedroom, and the original bedroom, would be the walk- in closet, attached to the loo.. Wow.. So Carrie Bradshaw!! But mine, would be bigger, hokey?? Hahaha.. p/s: Are you sure daddy?? * Wink2.. The most exciting part is that, mummy did mention to daddy, to build a built in panel, just a cheap panel, between our room and Aidan's, so that Aidan too would get his own closet.. * Wink8.. Buat macam mana, dua orang yang terlalu sayangkan anaknya.. Sampai daddy decided to put sliding door lagi tengah2 antara our door and Aidan's.. Security purposes and that we want him to feel that he is in the same room as us.. " Well, bila kecik2 okay la, bila besar, he won't like the idea okay?? No privacy.. " Tihihihi.. and daddy goes " Takper, bila besar, daddy buang jer sliding tuh, i understand.. "

So last week, we brought Tokba, Tokma, Maklong and Paklong to see the house, and daddy with his plans, brainstorming Steven (the contractor).. So many ideas that we both crossed our fingers to see it a success.. :) Daddy also brought us jalan2 at Cellini, Ikea, Ikano, Harvey, etc, and went for window shopping and we both saw this cute Alonso bed ( race car shape ), so cute that mummy bit my lips sebab tak snap picture of it.. Well, there were sales everywhere, termasuklah Cllini, Harvey and many others.. and it is super duper cute!! Mummy memang tengah excited nak decorate Aidan's room and i was thinking about Mammut set from Ikea.. Hmmm.. So, which one yek?? Alonso or Mammut?? We'll see.. :)) We just want to proceed with the essentials, and the price should be reasonable, hokey?? " Beli sikit2 kay daddy.. " We don't want to spend so much right?? Mummy suka bab shopping but not really spending.. Meaning, smart shopping! You don't have to spend so much if you know where to get it, and when to buy it.. Be smart! :)

The best part of our house, is ofcoz the walk- in closet and the kitchen.. Using only tiles, and red terracotta, my kitchen would definitely cry 'Moroccan!'.. and those tiles should be colorful with patterns on top.. Tapi bukanlah semua, it for sure look funny kalau semuanyer ber pattern.. Some more, kan less is more.. Just few here and there.. and the red terracotta, is a must! Mummy did ask Steven, and he said it will cost me rm7-8 per tile.. Mahal lah.. Smart shopping, i can get it cheaper, at rm4 per tile.. Super kan?? Kekeke..
Enough said about Cahaya.. We'll see the results later on, kay?? Best2..

p/s: Went to Cellini last time, and met this sales woman.. Instead of making us feel great about ourselves, and enjoy the furnitures, and may be consider to buy them, she told us to pity her, and if we decided to proceed with Cellini, do call her and if she is not around, wait for her returns.. In short, buy from her maaaa.. Kekeke.. Ada gak yer orang macam tuh.. Hehehe..
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