Monday, December 7, 2009

My surprise!

Tonite, daddy came home with a gift.. Actually gifts, for his dearest.. Mummy la.. Kekeke..

Nothing expensive okay.. Just the thought that counts.. And i love them more because it showed me how daddy really knew me at all.. Very sentimental okay?? Hahaha..

Daddy's gifts for me are.. teng teng teng!! Coco Before Chanel DVD..!

~ Last time, daddy bought me Coco Chanel.. This one is the other version with different casts.. :)

And to make it much more cinema style or feeling, daddy bought me.. KFC POPCORN!! Hahaha.. ofcoz with the delicious Salad!

So what am i thinking now??..

Ofcoz la how fortunate i am to have him, tak sabar nak tengok this movie and laparnyer KFC!! Kekeke..

Okie dokie.. sign off.. it's KFC time! :P

Oh before that, mummy's gift to Aidan.. This upcoming Sunday is :

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