Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A shout out to our dearest Aunty Lin

Mummy were talking to herself about you and the preparation.. " How are things, my dear? " We both misses you so much, and we know, you sure is excited to start this new chapter in your life, that is being a wife and insyaAllah a mother, just like mummy.. And ofcoz, mummy and Aunty Lin can still play dressing up, and go 'lepaking' at Pak Li's.. Hehehe.. But this time, ofcoz with the kiciks along.. Alalalala.. :P

We both just love your gorgeous red wedding card ( waaaahhhh! ong gitu! ), so elegant, classy and it shouted ' you' actually.. Kekeke.. So you.. Can't wait for the ceremony dear.. Looking forward for it!

p/s: psssssttt.. it's already december! Hehehe.. Just to remind you laaaaa.. :P

Here are some of the memories of mummy and Aunty Lin.. She was my partner in crime when it comes to 'travelling', 'vacationing', 'jalan-jalaning' and 'makan angining;.. Kekeke.. :P From KL, Teluk Cempedak, to Indonesia and Singapore.. Wahhhh.. those days.. I miss you dear! :)

Ohhh... Aunty Lin is an ex stewardess, that's why she make up so cantik2.. Kekeke.. One beautiful, tough lady this Aunty Lin is.. Huhuhu.. :p

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