Sunday, December 13, 2009

Single mingle time.. Miss these days.. :)

What should i wear tonight??

My oh my.. Right after my confinement, i thought my figure would go back to the way it was.. And i was and still am wrong about it.. Lamanyer.. Hahaha.. Been thinking of extreme diet plan, but ended up takut takder energy plak to handle si kicik..

Hmmm.. exercise?? I am exercising.. KEKEKE.. but people always say that eventually it will get back to normal.. Hmmm.. the right question here is.. WHEN?? Erggg! However, most of my friends say that i am getting 'there' and some more compliment me as ' kurus nyer '.. and i go ' are you kidding me or what?? ' kekeke..

So, tonight is Mrs Lin's Reception and i promised myself to look great tonight.. Not negative- proud great, but since this is my first time making it out there, i decided to at least look nice.. :) So, i am thinking of what to wear.. Ayaaaaa, nothing really muat now, but knowing me, i'll make up something nice to wear tonight.. But, alamak.. sayang la all my clothes!! Bila lagi mau pakai??

p/s: really need to do something ni, and it should screams 'URGENT!'.. :))

Some of my pictures during kenduri-s.. :))

With hubby, at Adi Nang's ( our photographer during wedding ceremonies- Candid Syndrome the best! ) wedding.. :))

With the famous designer Mr Putra Aziz from Cosri- he was our designer too.. I just love what he did to my wedding dress.. Here is the picture.. :P

Gold, with 'tiba2' shocking pink in the middle.. Suits my wedding card.. :)) Love.. Love..

With hubby at my best pal wedding, Mrs Evie.. :))

With adik Evie- Juju.. the sister was busying make up at this point.. :))
Skang, i can't wear them.. how oh how?? :)

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