Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smiling with Croco!

Ooooh my.. I wanted to capture your picture, my darling, but my camera knowledge is just a so- so, i ended up focusing on Croco.. I thought i did the right thing.. Hmmm.. What is so special about this picture?? Well guys, if you notice, Aidan was smiling in this picture.. It rarely happen, and it would be nice to have one picture of him smiling.. :) Alaaaaa...

Since mummy is currently train Aidan to smile, i always make funny sound, voice , facial expressions, and even movement, just to attract his attention.. Walaaaa, Aidan rarely smile, let alone laugh.. * Sigh.. If i was lucky enough while conversing my baby language to him, Aidan tend to smile and laugh ( not so loud ), and mummy would be so 'kalut2' to get the camera.. Kikiki..

So smile baby.. We love ya!
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