Sunday, December 20, 2009

My macam- macam ada week! :P
Monday - Doing what i do best, taking care of the kicik.. Hmmm, memang susah mummy nak buat keje.. All the baju yang basuh, lambat bersidai, since Aidan demanded for me to be infront of his face 24 jam.. Ayaaaaa.. So, most of the time i ended up depan buaian jer.. Kekeke.. Thanks to daddy and his latest dvd collection and this time, memang best giler.. He bought 3 seasons of Psych!!! I watched most of them religiously, from one dvd to another.. The kicik sometimes watched with me too.. Hmmm.. dah pandai nonton ni.. Yup, his first movie that he watched without berkelip mata for more than 5 seconds is FACE OFF.. Sempoi tak mummy's son?? Kekeke.. Oh yeah, daddy received good news that very morning.. Alhamdulillah, next trip, States!! As daddy planned.. :)) InsyaAllah.. But first, invest daddy.. invest! :))

Tuesday - Daddy brought us to see Dr Cheng.. Aidan had his third injection, and he was such a brave young man, talak nangis oooo.. Daddy who came in rushing into Dr Cheng's room, with Aidan's milk, all surprised with the kicik.. "Dah habis dah ( dah abis cucuk ker?? ) ke??" and mummy went "Dah.. tak nangis pun.." :)) "Okay, i shall bring you guys makan2 then.." So we went to GIANT, memang nak beli formula for Aidan pun.. And had a wonderful lunch with daddy at Secret Recipe.. Aidan tido jer sepanjang di GIANT.. In short, Aidan tak tau pun yang the 3 of us pegi GIANT.. Hehehe..

Wednesday - Nothing much, mummy and Aidan stayed at home jer.. And this time, mummy able to do more than just laundry.. Hehehe.. Sempat kemas bilik, and watched SYTYCD.. So you think you can dance?? And i vote for Katee and Joshua, and love Mark and partner.. Chelsie is it?? Hmmm.. Oh ya, i helped daddy with his photography project with Uncle Arjuna Rahman, putting only nice wed pictures taken earlier to the side, and later daddy used his magic fingers, editing.. what a teamwork, i loved the outcome of the wed story book.. Good job daddy!! To Aunty Wirda and Uncle Rahman, i hope you loved it as well.. My hubby tak tido malam okay, editing and stuff.. Huhuhu.. All out i supposed.. :))

Thursday - Brought kicik out for breakfast and waited impatiently for Aunty Feeza's confirmation on our outing.. Since she was very busy that morning, we ended up decided to visit Mak only ( Effa and Lina's mom ) in the evening, and i got to bring Aidan to see her too.. So Superb!! Nevermind lah tak keluar jalan2, mummy could bring Aidan back to Opah pun for a while, since Aunty Effa's house pun dekat jer ngan Opah's.. So, the gathering was nice with Aunty Effa's mee goreng yang sedap, that led mummy and Aunty Feeza korje kan udang2 dalam mee ( kekekeke, memilih sungguh 2 orang ni ).. Went to see Opah on the way back, rindunyer Opah!! :))

Friday - Maal Hijrah Holiday.. Tok Ba decided for everyone to gather at Tok's in Klang for a BBQ.. Since it was raining so painfully heavy.. kekeke.. The fact that satu keje pun tak bley siap, baju for laundry and nak keluar pun lagi la, with the kicik nak meredah hujan just untuk ke kereta pun tak boleh.. So we waited for the rain to stop, then only made our move to the destination of the day, Klang.. We arrived there just in time with everyone, busying themselves with ikan, ayam and udang untuk dibakar.. Aidan was greeted with love and affections the whole evening, sampai terlentok and tido for the rest of the evening.. Good boy!! :) Mummy had a blast there, with my crave for seafood, i bid my diet goodbye.. Hahaha.. No.. no.. no.. HAHAHAHA,, Gelak ni baru betolll.. Tihihi.. :) That night, we spent our time with Opah.. We slept in Shah Alam, but mummy had a difficulty to put Aidan to sleep.. Ayaaaa... Tak bawa balik buaian sekali.. Mummy should have known, right?? My bad.. We amanaged to only accompany Opah for 1 night, ( since Achik Liha went to Singapore for her family end year holiday )..because daddy had kenduri last night and also today.. :)

Saturday - Mummy, daddy and Aidan had a dream trip to RM2.8M Bungalow show unit in Shah Alam.. Mummy prayed for anak mummy to work so hard and beli the house for mummy one day, ya.. Kekeke.. Amin..So beautiful, with swimming pool, and a gym.. Class! We went back to KJ in the evening.. Right after Tok Ba arrived home, he told us that Aunty Zurin's house was robbed, and we really felt sorry for her.. Aunty Zurin is daddy's sister.. Ofcoz we we felt for her.. Tok Ba and Tok Ma rushed to the scene, and spent the night there just to be with her.. Mummy stayed at home with the kicik, and daddy went out to the kenduri.. We watched Sehati Berdansa, and Aidan behaved so well, that mummy managed to have a really good rest.. :)

Sunday ( Today ) - Daddy brought us out for shopping.. Mummy bought myself some more headbands.. Yeepee!! I just love my collections.. They are all nicccceeeee!! Lately, mummy jarang buy things for me, so since last week mummy bekerja keras and have some pulangan, kekeke.. why not spoilt myself once in a while right?? :P Next week, Aunty Feeza and mummy decided to go out and have a look at the new arrivals.. You will love it Aunty Feeza!!! Not to forget, something for the kicik.. Aidan's sleepwear.. :) We also went to Aunty Zurin's and as mummy was observing pintu yang terkopak di dining area, where the robber entered from, i was amazed with their skills as potongan pada grill sangatlah kemas.. Total PRO ni.. As daddy too, was carefully observing their criminal work, we decided for our house to be well grilled, kena much more stronger and daddy ended up wanted to built higher fence for our house.. Safety purposes.. * Sigh.. Bahaya la sekarang ni..

So as i am writing this, rasa penat tak hilang lagi.. My week macam2 ada.. Hahaha.. Oh ya, now, me and hubby tengah layan Law Abiding Citizen.. Bravo Gerard Butler!! WE love ya!! and yaaaaa.. Aidan 'is' sleeping.. kekeke.. Mummy suker!! :))

So, what's for tomorrow?? Hmmmm..

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