Saturday, December 5, 2009

XoXo Gossip Girl!

Obsession towards... ehem.. ehem.. Headbands!

What Gossip Girl has got to do with headbands?? Well, the casts who sucessfully make a statement throught their wardrobe that the 'HEADBANDS are BACK and it is 'MAJOR'..' kekeke..I LIKE!

Okay, I like Blair (B), that spoilt young lady, who is a little bit annoying, but has a very nice CLOSET?? hehehe.. Just love it.. But Serena (S) also does well so far, playing with other style in fashion, contrast to her.. but works.. BRAVO! But the headbands that makes me drooling, hokey?? So nice!!

So today, mummy, Achik Ha and Opah went for shopping, and i bought myself 'some headbands..' Some?? Kekeke.. Yup, i bought 4 headbands, and already decided on what occasions to wear them.. Did i mention they were all so nice?? Soooo..nice.. NICE!!

Thanks to B, my inspiration.. I love them! Mmmuax!

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