Monday, January 25, 2010

2.30 am, it's DUMBO time!!

* Sigh.. New pattern from Aidan.. Nowadays, Aidan suka bangun at 2-3 am, minum susu and nak main2 dah.. When he became restless, start lah nak nangis sket2.. Since 2-3 am like that, mestilah mummy and daddy rasa sleepy sangat2.. So, we decided that we need to be smart about it.. Aidan always jer amaze bila tengok tv, so, daddy decided to buy Aidan his own cartoon collections.. Aidan ada most of Disney's cartoons.. The Classic ones..

So, last night, we watched Dumbo at exactly 2.30 am.. Mummy with my sleepy mode, watched the cartoon with Aidan yang semestinya mata besar, bulat and takder langsung tanda2 nak tido.. Erggg.. ;/ By the time the cartoon started, mummy pun kinda enjoy it, and the sleepy thingy pun dah faded.. Both of us, enjoy watching Dumbo!!

Since it is actually about a baby elephant, with his mother yang diseperatekan due to an incident while protecting her son, mummy rasa so touched sangat.. And i enjoyed the cartoon movie sooooo much.. A good cartoon for the kids, guys.. They can learn a lot from it.. Just that, maybe you want to teach them to watch it at different time kot.. Not 2.30 am.. Come on!! kekeke..

So, what is for to night, dear Aidan.. Nak tengok Peter Pan? or Lion King? or Brother Bear? or whatttt?? Pick one, dear.. :))

Dumbo video - The part that mummy love so much.. Cedeyy pun ada.. :(

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