Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hard stool = Constipation .. What to do??

It has been like few weeks dah my baby Aidan has this difficulty to pass motion easily and smoothly.. Pity him sebab each time dia nak pass motion jer, berkerut dahi dia sebab stool dia pegitu pejal and sometimes hard.. Aidan even need me to help him if stool dia keras sangat.. So, bila mummy tengok anak mummy all duduk tak senang, and muka merah semacam jer, mummy will help him, by lifting up his legs and wait for at least 5 minutes for him to feel comfortable to push his stool out..

So, since baru2 ni we went to see Dr Cheng, mummy informed him about Aidan's condition.. And mummy even asked if i need to change Aidan's formula to another brand.. Dr Cheng really into this Similac powder, and maybe because he only carry this brand in his clinic, ( i don't know ).. ( Oh ya, Dr Cheng who suggested Similac for Aidan ), he didn't say much, but suggested for me to give him more plain water.. But anak mak ni memang tak suka plain water.. It is a No No for him.. Kalau mummy kasik pun, Aidan dah pandai keluarkan balik.. So no use.. What should i do??

Mummy pun buat research and few phone calls.. Pening gak, sebab according to what i read from the internet, those who face this problem, would change from susu lembu biasa ke soya.. But Aidan's Smiliac is actually soy- based.. So, nak change macam mana kan?? * Sigh.. So, mummy pun call few of mummies yang mummy kenal, just to get their advice, and Aunty Evie suggested S26 GOLD for Aidan..

So, malam smalam, mummy fed Aidan his brand new milk.. Rasa lain macam sikit kot, Aidan ended up muntah banyak sangat.. But maybe ubat batuk and ubat phlegm tuh yang kasik dia muntah, sebab nak keluarkan lendir and phelghm yang ada.. So, is it the milk, or the medicine that he took yang caused him muntah2?? * Sigh.. Pening lagi.. Kesian sangat tengok dia.. Serba salah mummy..

Mummy decided to stay with S26 sekejap, until Aidan pass his first stool masa amik this brand, sebab nak tengok the texture of his stool.. Kalau normal, ( porridge look alike, yellowish color ), mummy maybe maintain it.. Bab muntah, maybe he's getting use to this brand or the medicine.. BUT, if the stool still keras, than i'll find new brand lah for Aidan..

Kesian Aidan.. kesian sangat.. * Sigh..

(MODE TAK GEMBIRA).. sebab hari ni, baru 2 kali Aidan nak minum susu.. tadi, at 11 am, and latest tadi around 4.. His normal feeding time, sometimes every 2 hours okay?? So, mesti la mummy cedey.. :(( Pity Aidan..
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