Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'A must have section' in the kitchen.. Family makan2 table just like this one, exactly infront of the big window..

I Was All Inspired!! Just basics!!

I just need bricks and cement, to make it happen..

They don't have to spend so much on the expensive decor and cabinet.. Best kan?? Jimat but turn out so shantekkkkkk!!

Hubby loves it too.. Masuk2 jer, he was all amaze!!

" This is what i am trying to explain.. Just the basics.. No need to spend so much, sayang.. But cantik kan?? Just bricks, and cement.. tuh jer.. and if you nak, cheap wood sket.. wallllaaaaaaaa!!! "

Hubby went.. " Ha ah.. nice.. " Muka all excited!!

Earlier, daddy brought me to Mont Kiara, spending our time together, went through the house details.. We had so much fun, giving ideas and stuff.. Satu kepala resulted to happy2 time.. Luv ya, daddy!!

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