Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family gathering : Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya..
Yeah, more cuti2 Malaysia.. hehehe.. Nice.. :))
Alhamdulillah, all of us enjoyed our stay there, in Cyberview Lodge.. The right place to go, if you decided to escape yourself, from the hectic, noisy city..
For the kids, ofcoz the swimming pool is the attraction.. Tambah2 Asu Aidan, tadi he told me that hujung2 nak balik pun, sempat lagi pergi lagi 'se-round'.. kekeke.. Mandi sorang2.. kekeke.. Takper, next year bley lagi Asu.. :)
And for the adults, you guys should try the spa there.. Sembunyi spa.. Total relaxing i can tell.. Tengok the spa from luar pun you can definitely judge the inside, and ofcoz, the service.. kekeke.. Pendek kata, gempaklah tempak tuh!! Huhuhu..
To Tokba, memancing adalah kesukaan.. Tu pun ada kat sana.. Best kan?? Memang sesuai sangat for family gathering thingy.. Nasib baik memang it's like a tradition for the in laws family to go there every year during Chinese New Year.. Hoorayyyy!!
Gambar2 kitorang yang happy2 jew.. Kekeke..
Holiday is a holiday lah, but that didn't stop me to update my clients ( cheeeewah!! my clients yang ask for my service lah to help them with their babies birthday party ) on the quotations, and ideas some more.. Thanks guys, for the support.. :)) To get to know what i mean, read this :
Biasalah, gambar anak saya pembuka tirai.. kakaka.. Aidan, mummy sayang Aidan manyakkkkk!! :))

In the morning, daddy yang looking forward for breakfast, dah tak sempat tunggu mummy, grab the kicik, and headed to the car for the kicik's stroller.. *Sigh.. lapar punya pasal.. kekeke..

Achik pun came to the rescue, mummy bley la snap pictures now.. Kekeke.. Aidan happy jer ngan Achik.. :)

Daddy right after pasangkan stroller Aidan yang memang time consuming masa nak memasang.. kekeke.. and masa nak simpan.. Huhuhu..

Daddy and son time.. Mummy *senyum!!

Aidan in the morning.. :) Tak mandi lagi si kicik ni.. Ya, blame the hungry parents.. kakaka..

The scenery.. Pool side.. Masa ni, on the way for breakfast.. :)

More of it.. Memang lah cannot resist to snap pictures, sebab cantik sangat.. :)

And more..

My in- laws.. :) Baba, Mama, Ieta, and Zikri..

.... and my Miso Soup.. My fav, sebab tuh i amik gambar.. Hihihi..

Aidan yang waited patiently for everyone to finish up our meals.. Hujung2 daddy plak teringin omelette.. Memang kita the last ones to arrive lah kat bilik.. :P

Snapshot by Achik Ieta.. Aidan teruja jer.. hehehe..

Swim time.. Aidan ngan mummy tak sabar masuk air.. Ker mummy jer yang tak sabar Aidan masuk air.. hahaha..

With Mama Yong, Aniq, Asu, and my mummy.. :)

Mummy kata, i'm the winner.. I won her heart lah.. kekeke..

Nice kan?? Let the picture speaks for itself..

Huhuhu.. This is the second time masuk pool for this month.. Besar nak jadi swimmer ker saya nih??

Achik, gambar mahal nih Achik.. kekeke..

Tok Ba dan kesukaan nya.. Memancing.. :)

Our short stop tengok Tok Ba memancing jap.. Aidan tak ikut, tido ngan daddy.. :)

Best kan?? Datang lah Cyberview Lodge.. :)) Hihihi..

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