Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Irfan is 1.. YEAH!!
Dear Wirda, been meaning to write an entry on Irfan's Elmo Birthday Party.. My camera kehabisan batt plak, so.. here are some pictures taken during omei2 Wirda's big day! Just love the cake.. So..... adorable.. Mummy Irfan asked for Elmo with 1 gigi.. kekeke..
Oh ya, Irfan and Aidan same year, nanti pegi sekolah sama2 kay?? Muuuaxxx! :))
Elmo cake.. not only cute but really delicious.. :)

Anak mummy yang confused.. "Mummy, what's with this hat thingy??" :P

Family time.. Anak mummy yang comot2.. chumelll.. geram.. :P

Birthday mummy and birthday boy.. :)

Daddy and Aidan, my 2 heroes.. XOXO!!

"Mmmmmmm... daddy, look at that?? Naper, Mengapa, Bagaimana.." hehehe.. Aidan skang suka observe2 things around him.. Banyak q's ni..

Birthday boy's daddy.. Uncle Arjuna, 'penangkap' gambar.. tihihi..

Potong cake time, all are excited!! Yeahhh!!

Small, friendly crowd.. My future neighbours too.. :P Nanti birthday Aidan lak.. kekeke..

Ooooohhh.. Can't wait!!

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