Monday, February 22, 2010

Wink us once, if you pick us..
Wink us twice?? EVEN BETTER!! kekeke..

Twinky Winky Stars Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway..

Thanks to 'A Drama Mama' for the invitation.. Thanks dear.. :P Well, just now, i received a comment from her, on my masterpiece to my son.. She also invited me to join the contest she's running.. Wow! Diaper Cupcakes?? I like.. sounds so... cute, tomei2, omei2.. and sure, i like!!! Kekeke.. I went through her page to get to know how to enter it.. The fact that we are currently staying in Selangor, i had no idea that it was and still is ( in fact) open to all Malaysians.. Tak kiralah you stay katner, KL, Ulu Yam, Bentong, or Yan.. Hahaha.. We are all entitled to join her contest.. Best kan??

So, here.. Mummy decided to try our luck.. Mana lah tau, berbaloi2 pula.. hahaha.. I have no idea how to do this, but i know that it should sound nice, interesting, chicky and 'ear-catching'??? Hahaha..

Hmmm.. The owner of Twinky Winky Stars is feeling very generous and would like to give away TWO DIAPER CUPCAKES, worth RM55 each, for free! WOOT WOOT!!

There will be 2 categories for the contest :

1) Diaper Cupcakes for Newborns - 12 months
2) Diaper Cupcakes for Toddlers ( 1 - 2 y.o)

So there will be 1 winner for each category.

The terms and conditions to enter are as below:
1) A Malaysian residing in Malaysia
2) Relatives of 'Twinky Winky Stars' owner are NOT allow to enter this contest
3) Have your own blog or Facebook
4) Follower of Twinky Winky Stars *wink2.. (all CHECKED!)


1) Banner- DONE!


Link of the Banner- DONE!

2) Complete this slogan :

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because.. both of us believe that the cuppy are as cute as the name given, as adorable as the shapes are, as delicious and yummy as we imagine them to be, as sweet as our moment 'Aidan and mummy' , and ehem2.. as honest as we want to be, we agree on, 'Who doesn't want anything, especially all these, for FREE??' :)

3) We are definitely running for Diaper Cupcakes for Newborns-12 months category.. :))

4) Follower ?? YUPSSS!!

5) Link the contest?? YUPSSS!! Here, and FB.. :)

This contest will commence now 12 February 2010 and will end at midnight, 28 February 2010. Winners will be chosen based on the most creative slogans. There will be 2 judges to select the winner for each category. Anyone who does not complete all the terms & conditions AND the instructions above will be disqualified.

Come on guys.. Join kay?? Good luck!! :P kekeke..

Yummy, mummy, cuppy..

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