Monday, March 15, 2010

Heard about the Giveaway??

Come and join my lovey dovey friend, Byzura Razali's Giveaway, in conjuction with her blog's first birthday- 24/04/2010!! Wahhhhh!!! Hehehe..

There are 4 toys to be given away, so, check tem out!!

A. Power Rangers Solaris Knight Gear

B. High Speed Racing Track Starter Set

C. Girl's Favorite Fashion Beauty Set

D. Daintiness Foodstuff Piano

Just follow the 3 steps:

1. Link her blog to your bloglist,

2. Leave a comment in below format:

Choice : if you are the lucky reader, which toy that you want? A,B,C or D?

Nickname : ??

Blog url : ??

Example: D/mummyAidan/

3. Finally, put this banner @ your blog sidebar and link back this entry..
Mystery gift will also be given to top referral too.. and she confirmed that it is not toy, ok.. kekeke..
This giveaway lasted until 23rd April only ya.. Hurry up guys!!!
Best kannnn?? YEAHHHHH!!
Good luck everybody!! :))

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