Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Busy Sunday.. :)

Huh! We, 3 memang flat abis today.. Huhuhu! Well, today, we attended 3 invitations- from my hubby's cousin, my junior back in Asma, and hubby's friend Shafiq.. From launching of a spa, to Majlis Berendoi and just a short visit to Shafiq's house, huhuhu.. memang letih sangat, but it's great to see them all..

Tanamera Wellness Spa

Oh ya, don't forget to visit Tanamera Wellness Spa, Kayu Ara, yerrr.. Kekeke.. Short promotion on this new launching spa.. :) Actually, this spa is a dream come true of Kak Lisa's, my hubby's cousin.. Congratulations Kak Lisa.. :) She looked really excited and happy sangat just now, with family and close friends datang to support her.. Being so modest, and memang peramah, Kak Lisa memang tak kisah with her pelat utara yang kadang2 ada sedikit pekat.. And i just love to hear how she explains things.. Macam banyak sangat nak cakap, but take her time to choose the right word, especially, masa she was asked to give a speech.. Sweet sangat.. :) The ceremony simple jer, and i just love the environment there.. Looking at the products, therapists, and the most important thing, is the vision, memang i really encourage you guys to try out the treatment there.. Memang nampak very good, and i myself, shall pamper myself even more la lepas nih.. Kekeke.. To Kak Lisa, Congratulations!! Kak Lisa did mention yang adik beradik, dia banyak belanja, and kasik 50% discount.. Oh kak Lisa, bankrupt nanti tau.. Hehehe.. :P

Lana Sofea's Majlis Berendoi.. :)

As sweet as her name, definitely one cute little girl of Fiena, my junior back in high school, and kebetulan, she befriended with my friend's sister, and school Law dia pun sama school Business i di uiTm, and tinggal pun kat Shah... OK, STOP! Panjang plak nak citer.. Kekeke.. In short, she invited me over to meriahkan lagi majlis berendoi her daughter, Lana.. The ceremony pun simple and sweet, and paling menarik is ofcoz the decor and pelamin with cradle and all, form none other than, The Wedding Fairies.. The theme, hmmmm, pink and purple, nice right?? And the food pun sangatlah sedap.. Ala2 utara.. Hehehe.. Well, Fiena ngan i, memang budak Kedah, so serious best jer layan food there.. Kakakaka.. Nice to see Evie and Jaja there.. Oh ya, with Zara masham too.. :P We arrived there a little bit late, since we had that spa launching thingy in the morning.. So, me and my jeans.. Tak kisah lah yer Fiena.. :) Thanks for inviting us, dear.. :)

Meet our Uncle "Jarjit" fom Upin Ipin!

After that Majlis Berendoi, we quickly headed back to Kelana Jaya, well, the fact that hubby dah janji with his friend, Shafiq to bring Aidan to Shafiq's mother's house.. Haaaaa! Tihihihi.. Mak Shafiq pun tinggal di Kelana Jaya, so small gathering lah tadi.. And so much love.. Aidan didukung ke sana ke sini, from one hand to another, and cheeky jer, asyik senyum2 and ketawa tengok everyone there.. Shafiq is " Jarjit" from Upin Ipin.. Kelakar sangat masa dia main2 ngan Aidan, and with Jarjit's voice, he tried to berpantun just like his character in Upin Ipin yang suka berpantun, tapi sekerat jalan, dah tak de idea.. Hehehe.. Wait for its video kay??

Okay lah, dah flat sangat.. Nak tidokan si kicik, and me too wanna go to lalalaland!!! Bye everyone!!

Tanamera Wellness Spa..

Lana Sofea's Majlis Berendoi..

Meet Uncle Jarjit..

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