Thursday, March 4, 2010

Party.. party.. party..

Alhamdulillah, my small business on this party party, and more PAR-TAY, telah mendapat sambutan yang baik, since my last entry on Aidan nyer Spongebob Theme Party (yer, tak buat pun lagi party tuh, but my idea on having a party, BUT NO NEED TO SPEND SO MUCH, kekeke.. telah diterima baik..) .. Thanks to yang rajin meng- email me about your themes, and semuanya i like, cause bab2 nak cari idea nih, memang lah sangat best!! Kekeke..

Most yang interested are bloggers, and non- bloggers yang blog hopping, and tiba2 jer sesat di page i yang serba serbi Aidan nih.. hihihi.. Thanks again.. I will come up with it's own blog, i guess.. And need to come up with new email juga nampak gayanya.. Hahaha.. Yups, my email dah macam dustbin, everything and anything at all dalam tuh.. From the uninvited emails ( junk ones ) and also the ones from Facebook, Myspace and Friendster update allert.. Hahaha..

Tomorrow, i shall visit Siti (one of the blogger) juga, to see the venue and what to expect on Mia's BIG day!! Her theme is so chumel.. 'Fairytale'.. Nice kan?? With everyone wearing tiaras (a must) and tutu, and with a section whereby the kids will be transformed into beautifiul princesses (with make-up ofcoz- aunty pun boleh make up kan.. keke..) MUMMY, PLEASE LET HER WITH THAT RED LIPSTICK ON THAT VERY DAY.. ONE DAY ONLY, MUMMY.. :P) Hahaha.. They will Love it!! ** Children, don't forget to borrow mummy's LONG beaded necklace, plastic and big earing, and bangles.. Huhuhu.. Can kan mummy? Hahaha.. Be the real princess on that day ( although you are, my dear.. ) but this time with tutu and the accessories to die for.. Huhuhu.. :))

Besides this, there are other themes for me to work on, and InsyaAllah, lepas ni, i'll be busy lah.. With pennants, table decor, and the tags.. * Sigh BUT with Happy Mode!! Yeahhh!! The themes are Candyland, Pirates, and Cupcakes.. Best kan?? Okay lah ni, for starter.. Business pun baru lagi.. Yeahhhh!!

Theme : Fairytale

Theme : Candyland Party

Theme : Pirate Party

Theme : Cupcakes Party

But most of all, yang paling i tak sabar is......
Tengah tunggu our chica, Lina balik from Dublin, we'll be heading either North ( to Hard Rock Hotel ) or simply stay in this private villa with private swimming pool here.. Courtesy of everybody..!! Kakaka.. * Efa lebih sket kot.. kakaka.. Sebab dia kan kayooo!! Hahaha.. :P
The theme : Married and about to

We'll be resting and relaxing in the pool, with big sunglasses, drinks in hand, big beach hat, with make up on, ............. mmmmmmm... with jewels and stuff.. Kakaka.. Part tuh memang tipu la kan.. Macam ala2, Carrie and the gang la.. Sex and The City team.. Kakaka..

So, saper yang akan ada pada hari itu??

Ofcoz lah, yours truly (mama mia), Feeza (mana boleh tinggal ini mama), Lin (ini pula, adakah sudah mau jadi mama? kakaka..), Lina ( yang getting marred pastu ofcoz nak gak jadi mama), Efa (memanglah dah hot mama!) and last but not least, Ckin ( yang mau gak join the mamas..) kekeke..

InsyaAllah, we'll be having this private party on this coming November, sebab December, Cik Lina dah nak tawen!! Yeahhh!! Miss all of you!! Manyak sangat..

* Tapi Feeza and Efa kurang sket, sebab smalam dah jumpa.. Kuang3.. Hahaha.. :P

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