Monday, March 22, 2010

Result from his first makan2..

Alhamdulillah, stool Aidan smooth jer, but a little bit thicker than usual... It's normal though, for babies who already eat solid food.. And he went for toilet 2 days in a row.. Cayalah!! So, BRAVO sayang!!

For mummies who are about to give your babies solid food, perhaps you want to add a little bit of warm water in their food, so that cair sket, mudah penghadaman, and it helps the babies 'to go toilet'.. Kekeke.. Ini case anak saya yang tak berapa suka minum plain water.. But if your babies takder masalah untuk enjoy plain water, then no need lah tambah air yerrrr..

This is because, stool Aidan walaupun elok jer, but still macam pejal, and i think, kalau lebih banyak air, lagi bagus, and it helps the stool to be a little fine, in terms of texture.. Hmmmm, wokieh??

~ XOXO, Mummy Aidan..

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