Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yes, i am now 'ber- tudung'..

Well, yes.. This is my latest entry.. I am, everyone.. Alhamdulillah.. And i am praying that this intention of mine to cover up my hair + head, will help me to become a better person for my religion, my mother, my siblings, my family at large, my in-laws side, ofcoz, MY DEAR HUBBY, Khairi and THE DEAREST of MINE, Aidan.. :)) Last but not least, to all my friends out there.. Ya, saya sudah bertudung.. :))

However, i am still me, but i don't want to put it as SAME OLD ME.. This is because, this 'NEW but STILL ME' person prefers not to change anything at all, but instead blend it with much more meaningful life with clearer purposes and good attitude.. Been thinking about it for quite a while, as i really want to make this 'permanent'..

Well, it's NOW or NEVER.. As one of my friend put it.. And she's definitely right.. I am turning 29 this coming 26th, and i am now married with a husband and a son.. So, i am now definitely ready.. :)

Alhamdulillah, i am glad that i am now wearing it, as not only i feel safe, i feel wonderful too.. :)

Not to say that i am much more better than anyone now, or that i boast about it, but this is me, sharing this great feeling of being a person, with the same smile, same eyes ( mata sepet ), but now, with a 'tudung' or 'hijab', InsyaAllah.. :)) And everyone has their own right to stand up for their own believes, and i respect every one of you, and how you see things is your own sweet call.. :)

Love.. Love.. :))

To Haiza, yes dear, i am now.. :)

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