Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celebrating Aiden!

Yup, BIG one already!!

Date: 17/04/2010
Venue: Greens III, Sports Wing, Tropicana Golf Club
Theme: Football
Dress code: Jersey!! :)

I am all out of energy to write an entry now, but Aiden's party was a blast, and i decided to share some of the pictures taken there, here.. Glad that daddy decided to join us, since at first daddy said he wanted to drop us both jer.. Well, the fact that daddy tiba2 tak berapa nak sihat, but alhamdulillah, daddy join gak.. :)

So, mummy with my Chelsea jersey, Aidan with his Liverpool romper/ jersey, and daddy with his MU jersey.. We chose to be united, than dressing up as a team.. Kakaka.. Padahal memang takder jersey sama pun for the 3 of us.. Alasan! :P Kekekeke..

Okay lah, enjoy the pics, yaaaaa.. XOXO, MMUUAXX!! :)

p/s: Makngah, jersey abang Mian kan, besaaarrrrr.. kekeke.. Tenggelam Aidan.. Tapi mummy suker, dah snap pic.. :) Thanks..

Great decor.. I just love it.. :)

Number 10 sampai dalam keadaan 'tido'.. Hehehehe..

Sporty mummy?? :P

Nyeh nyeh nyeh.. :P

Wajib!! :)

Teruja Aidan ngan balloon.. :) Chomeiii..

From my view..

The front side.. It's play time.. Ada banyak games best2.. :)

With Mummy Liz and Baby Aiden.. :) Fatin, mana you??

The birthday cake dari jauh.. So cute!!!

We seated at Chelsea's supporter nyer meja.. My team that i represented today.. Daddy and Aidan dah salah meja ni.. Kakakaka..

Terus Aidan tukar uniform romper biru, biar sama ngan mummy.. Kakakaka.. Taklah, Aidan nyer baju basah akibat peluh yang tak hingat.. Kat luar tuh, panas.. Huhuhu..

Potong cake time.. :)

Chomeiiii.. :)

The proud parents.. :)

Irfan.. CHELSEA!! :))

Geram mummy tengok Aidan.. Meh ni mummy sayang sekali.. :)

Great party!! :))

Mmmmuuaxxxx!! Love ya!!

See ya next time Aunty Liz, nak follow gi Macy lepas nih.. Kekekeke.. :P
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