Sunday, April 25, 2010

Syahmi's turn, and he is 7!!

Celebrating Aidan's future 'bro' in Cahaya.. :) Yup, Kak Sham's handsome son turned 7 today.. :) Kak Sham is my future neighbour, a very warm, sweet person and i just love her the minute i got to know that Kak Sham pun orang Kedah.. hahaha.. We can talk in our own 'loghat' yang sometimes masih lagi pekat itu.. Not that i lupa cakap utara kay?? Kakaka.. Kedah is in my blood, and balik Shah Alam saja, amik, tu dia, tak ingat punya, i cakap Kedah.. :P

So today, we went to celebrate Syahmi, and got to meet up with other neighbours of ours, yang semuanya peramah, and sangatlah best!! Tak sabar sangat to be part of the RA in Cahaya.. :) Looking forward for June, InsyaAllah.. :)

Okay, so enjoy the pics ya.. :)

Date : 25/04/2010

Venue : Cahaya

Theme : Transformers ( but since Kak Sham lupa to let us know, Aidan turned out to be a pirate, crashing the party.. hahahaha.. )

The kids, having fun playing while the parents chit chatting and makan2.. :)

Sampai jer, Kak Sham grabbed Aidan dulu.. :)

My little pirate.. :) Sorry Mr Depp! Kahkahkah.. :)

Game time.. Musical chair.. Very hillarious.. :) Some of them had no idea what to do, the parents ended up yang direct them this and that.. Hahaha..

I just love our neighbourhood.. So nice.. :)

Syahmi's mummy.. Kak Sham shayanggg.. :)

Daddy with Aidan.. :)

Mummy and Aidan.. :)

My anak Cina.. :) Wo de baby!! Ni jaio shenme mingxi?? Wo shi Aidan.. Betoiii ka??

Happy Birthday Syahmi!!

We hope that you love the gift ya.. One nice science project right?? :))
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