Wednesday, May 5, 2010

... and the award goes to.. Aidan!! :)

Moving forward.. :)

Alhamdulillah, 5/5/2010, Aidan dah pandai 'menyulur' a.k.a moving forward, walaupun terpaksa menunggu that miracle move from him.. Hehehehe.. Aidan ala2 malu and also a little bit cautious kot, sebab he seemed like a little bit shock, the moment bila dia tolak badan ke depan, he was actually moving forward.. But still, dia excited and mummy cepat2 ambil video on his first 'menyulur' time.. I won't miss this special moment of my son's accomplishment.. Something to smile and to share with him later on.. But, Aidan as usual, bila nampak jer mummy with camera, memang tak akan cooperate.. Terus berhenti and pandang2 mummy sambil senyum.. Well, what can i say, Aidan lebih prefer ambil gambar than video.. Hahaha.. Macam dia tau jer.. :P

Baru smalam mummy posted an entry about him, not yet able to 'menyulur' but today, cepat2 Aidan 'menyulur' just to prove me wrong.. Yes, anak mak, i know.. :)) And i am glad.. You are now 7 months, and actually should be 5 months, so, you are still on track on 5 months abilities and capabilities.. Hoorayyy!! :) Mummy is one proud mummy tonight!

Well, Aidan start 'menyulur' right after his bath time.. Disebabkan everytime mandi, mummy have to put some medicated cream and lotion to his sensitive skin, video yang mummy ambil ni ofcoz lah the one with Aidan in his pampers jer.. Kekekeke.. Shame2.. :P Tapi attempts mummy ni semua nya Aidan perasan.. So, memang tak berapa menjadi.. Kalau awal2 tuh, laju jer.. Okay, wait for the video, Aidan.. Among your first attempt to move forward, caught on camera! :))

Your next trophy.. :) ( pic from internet )

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