Sunday, May 2, 2010

A shout out to Kak Lisa..

Thanks a million Kak Lisa, for the gift.. Sara tak ambil the Semarak Api package, sebab both mama and kakak ambil the aromatheraphy massage and facial ( the promo package ) and the time pun agak pendek than Semarak Api.. Tak nak lah kalau both of them have to wait for me plak.. Hehehehe..

By the way, i am all satisfied with the services and the therapists were awesome, siap ada advice at the end of the session, which is rarely la kita dapat from other therapists kat luar sana.. So, memang bagus sangat, that they were trained to do so, and during the session pun diorang bgtau apa diorang buat, and what kind of ointment yang diorang guna.. Awesome!

To all my friends, and bloggers, your should go and try some of the packages from Tanamera Spa, and you will be surprised at how great the therapists can be.. Yup, you will find that some of them (should i say, all?) very petite and slim- mlim, but when they put their hands on you during massage tuh, oh man, memang diorang ni kuat.. Hahaha.. Terasa gak la sakitnyer, but relax, enjoy it, because lepas saja that session, you rasa ringan sangat.. Just like me.. BEST!!

To Kak Lisa, again, THANKS!!! :)
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