Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parts of the party favors from me, Your Party Palz.. :) I just love doing this.. :)
We are back !

After few weeks of being nothing but dead silent, we are officially back ! Hehehe.. We miss each and every one of you, for sure.. :)

Okay, currently, we are staying in Shah Alam, and our short vacation to the 'dead silent' period for the last 2 weeks is finally over.. Hehehehe.. Oh ya, daddy decided to let us stay in Shah Alam plak, and hopefully dah tak lama, right until we get the green light from Mr Raymond, to let us move into our new house.. :) ( I just love the rough finishing on 3 of my walls.. :) Huhuhuhu!!! )

Banyak sangat nak update, but the time and the activities yang sentiasa sibuk, made me decided to say NO to blogging.. Well, the fact that blogging used to be so much fun!! Duhh! Why? Why? Why? :P

Okie dokie, what to share?? Hmmmm, tak nak lah cerita about our short trip tu, but i want to grab this opportunity to wish my lovely boy, Congratulations!! for showing me the active side of him, that i was and still amazed of.. Huhuhu.. My anak kicik is now very active day and night, and now, the breaking news is that, Aidan has already successfully tido jerab as before.. Sleep at around 10, and wake up at 5.30 or 6, or even 7 am.. Huhuhu.. Good job! He is back into his old sleeping pattern.. Alhamdulillah.. :) About to merangkak, at any time soon, InsyaAllah, and now, since he is 'menyulur', he is EVERYWHERE! Hahahaha.. Best2, and DOUBLE BEST!! Yeahhhhhh!!

Spending quality times with his cousins each and every day is something that he loves most.. Right after the cousins enter the house jer, Aidan sometimes show interest and he just lightens up and smile jer memanjang.. Even the aunties also love to play with him, and right now, every time Anjang Che Mah or Makngah nak ke mana2, Aidan would surely nak ikut, sampai nangis2, and ofcoz bila things like this jadi, Aidan would for sure tagged along.. Hahahaha.. Buat camner, my anak memang kaki jalan.. Tihihihi..

As for me, boleh lah nak habiskan favors for my clients.. And with the help of my beautiful niece, Hannah, we were able to finish up the tags for the favors, and they were so cute!! Really.. I am so happy and can't wait for the BIG days!! Yeepee Yaaayyy Yaaayyy !!

Not feeling very good??? Yup!! Aidan is having flu, and coughing quite a lot, same to me, but mine PLUS MAJOR BACK PAIN.. Aiiiyaaaa!! Nasib baik i have a lot of supporters here, masing2 try to help me taking care of the kicik.. Alhamdulillah, very helpful la all the aunties.. :) I love you guys so much.. :) P/S : Kenapa ramai jer tak sihat nowadays??? SERIOUSLY GUYS, it's in the AIR!!!! I repeat.. it's in the AIR!!!! :(

Okie dokie.. Inspite of all these, there are still more activities coming, just to celebrate my sister and her kids while here.. Well, more to, entertaining them.. We have, yeah.. Visiting the zoo, going for a family gathering in PD, shopping during warehouse sales, swimming, oh ya, swimming is tomorrow, and eventhough we are not going in this time, sebab Aidan yang tak berapa sihat, we will for sure be the supporters for the kids!! Horayyyyy!! :)

Here are some of the pictures that we took during Aidan's stay in Shah Alam, and spending time with his cousins is a big Yeahh Yeahh.. :)

Aidan with his Opah.. :)

Preparing for his first concert.. :)

My so- called right hand, when it comes to party favors.. :)

Three are awesome.. :)

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