Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Birthday Invitations!

July is all about birthdays!!!.. There are so many birthday parties to attend.. Thanks for all the invitations, guy! Some, we were able to attend, but there were also few yang memang tak dapat nak pegi due to some unforeseen events, and some we may attend..

Here, aunty and Aidan would like to grab this apportunity to wish each and every one of the birthday girl and birthday boy, Aidan's fwennss, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Most of them are celebrating their very first birthday.. Just in case i missed to wish you guys, especially you, Adzryl!!

To Zach and Nurin, your birthday is 'Awesome'!!

To Aariz, aunty just love the whole concept, and the jersey is super cute!

To Adzryl ( Mummy Blogger - Anita's son ), sorry handsome, aunty tak dapat attend your big day last weekend.. But i still got you something.. Claim later kay?? :P Hope to see you this Sunday during Go Geous launching or Qaira's birthday.. :)

To Qaira ( Mummy Blogger - Amey's daughter ), aunty will try to be there, already msg Mummy Blogger Fadd about following her car to your place.. Serious tak tau jalan.. kekeke.. Can't wait to see your mama! :)

To Mia ( Mummy Blogger - Siti's daughter ), nanti aunty datang kay?? Wiff pwesentsss.. :P

To Aniq, he is Aidan's cousin, can't wait for your big day! :))

Happy Birthday boys and girls.. :))

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