Friday, July 23, 2010

Maybe that's the reason Why!

Oh my.. Demam dah baik, but red spots plak appear di muka.. and i guess, my baby nih actually nak dapat measles! Dari smalam lagi i kept on looking at his face and minta second opinion from my mom, Aidan's daddy, but since malam tadi tak berapa banyak, we decided to wait until today to decide..

So, pagi tadi, daddy told me that the red spots dah semakin banyak.. Oh, pity baby! Tapi Aidan tak menangis, just that dia macam gatal2 and asyik garu2 jer.. Right after he took his bath, baru nampak kurang sket the red spots.. Maybe sebab tuh Aidan demam panas few days ago, sebab measles nak keluar.. *SIGH

This morning, Tokba called me, asking for daddy.. Sempat gak mummy informed him about Aidan's red spots thingy, and Tokba also agreed that the red spots mesti campak, not ruam.. According to my mom, memang kalau campak nak keluar, dia akan bagi kita demam dulu, baru dia appear.. Fikir punya fikir, better Aidan got it now, then later.. Cuma kalau campak air tuh, memang dugaan! Huh!

Still remember, i got my campak air when i was in my primary school.. I couldn't bear to see my face pun masa tuh, sebab chicken pox like everywhere on my face.. Buat pula time tuh, i tak tau apa2 pun pasal campak, and everyone kept on telling me, jangan garu, if not akan tinggal bekas.. Huh! Being just a little girl yang tak faham apa2, and tak dengar kata, i garu jer like nobody's business.. Hahaha..

Oh ya.. Minum air kelapa muda during chicken pox memang helpful.. Katanya air kelapa muda bantu keluarkan chicken pox and sekejap jer boleh baik.. So, that's what i did last time, and that's what yang i akan buat untuk baby Aidan.. But, air kelapa ni mestilah yang fresh, takder campur gula or anything tau.. hehehe.. Kalau yang beli tepi jalan letak dalam plastic tuh, memang tak sesuai.. Hehehe.. It is better to get kelapa jer terus, confirm fresh.. :)

Mandi pun ada bahannyer.. Last time in Kedah, we called it 'daun bambu', but here in KL, tak sure apa.. Mungkin sama, mungkin tak.. Daun ni pun useful.. Usually, daun ni akan dibasuh, and direndam dalam baldi with water.. Air tuh, akan turn out to be sejuk and fresh sangat.. It is good to take your shower with this air bambu during chicken pox.. Bagi cepat kering, and kurang rasa gatal.. :)

But, nowadays, medical advice ni macam2.. Ada yang modern and ada yang traditional.. Not that kita kena follow only 1 approach.. It is good to mix both.. We can still seek advice, and still follow the traditional ones in healing.. Like in this case, traditional ones work better.. Sudah semestinya.. :)) But bear in mind, ada few scenario, the modern ones work better.. To be safe, seek advice from the right person.. Sebab when it comes to health, we can't put any label price on it.. It is priceless.. Tambah2, when it comes to your loved ones.. Betul tak?

p/s : both my mom and my mother in law dah ada scheduled appointments with the doctors skang ni.. once in a while kena buat check- up, which is good for them, so that they can keep track with their health.. i wish them well and pray for their health and happiness always..

Love you, Aidan.. :)
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