Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mummy and Aidan's 'Playroom Project!'

Hi everyone, we just finished with our latest project.. Hot from the oven!! Yup, mummy and Aidan's new project.. Remember when my mummy shared with you about her upcoming lion- shaped project for my room wall?? We are doing it now.. Super!!

Mummy are super busy now, but still managed to find time for our monthly projects, and this time, we did all these together! Aidan being the observer, and a good boy, while mummy, with the help of our beloved Nurin, prepared all the stuff and start lah with all the cutting process and matching2.. Hehehe..

Since we are going to do the animal printed shapes, and may use the whole wall for the decorations and stuff, mummy decided to do the 'centerpiece' first.. Mummy went to Taipan, and she came across this one shop, selling wooden alphabets at a very cheap price.. They are having clearance sale! Lucky us! The letters are very beautiful, and cute too!

Mummy bought 2 types.. The first one is thicker than the other.. The thicker version is RM 1.00 per piece (original price, almost RM3.00), and for the flatter version, is RM 10 for the whole A-Z!! Very cheap, compare to the ones you can find at the MPH, or other art shop.. :) Best!!!!!

BUT, these wooden letters are not as big as the one mummy posted earlier.. Yup, her business thingy tuh.. This one is quite small, just 3", compare to the one she promoted.. Not that you cannot use it for the head board and stuff, you can BUT it won't be as nice.. The letters for headboard would be nice if you go for the 6"-10" sizes.. :) Okie dokie?? :)

So, last time,Mummy Qistina, asked us to share more about our projects.. She said, be more specific about what mummy used, and how i did it.. To mummy Qistina, this is a very simple project.. Actually, most of our projects are simple.. Hehehe.. However, this is for you.. You can try your own.. :)) Centerpiece for Aidan's wall,, :)

Okay, we need, the wooden letters, foams, some double- sided tape, and a very creative mindset.. :P Kekeke..

Jom, kita START!

You need few colorful foams okay?? I chose these colors.. But i missed red, sebab habis.. Huhuhu!

Cut the foam according to your desired shapes.. Ours are simple jer.. :)

Paste your alphabet on to the foam.. Use your creativity.. Nak senget ker, menegak ker.. Hehehe..

Now, you can arrange the letters according to your taste.. I just like Aidan's to be simple sebab nak letak few other wall decors.. So, tak nak like, too much! :))

and the result.........








Aidan's Playland!!.. (') takder, nanti mummy guna la mana2 sticker kay?? :)

Gorgeous colors.. I love the wooden letters.. :)

Aidan approved mummy's latest project.. Final 'pantauan' from the kicik.. Hehehe..

See the 3D effect here..? So cantik!!

The Awesome Letters!!

These letters may cover part of Aidan play + art + study room.. Nice right?? A fun way to teach them the alphabets!! Where's N?? Aidan gegetttt!

I just love the 3D effect.. Next project will be, make these letters tinggi rendah.. Awesome!

Nurin with the colorful letters.. :)

She just love them!! Haikal and Nurin, later once mama pindah, achu will decorate your playroom with something like this okay?? :))

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