Friday, July 30, 2010

When he turned and looked your way the second time.. :)

As usual, he went for his morning spree with Gee.. Mummy was so happy to see him on Nurin's baby ride, as i know the kicik enjoyed it so much.. He was all calm, and smile all the way.. Excited and content.. :) Maybe, the morning, fresh air made him feel at ease, peace, and care less..

I got into my car, and straight a way went to see them.. Gee, Nurin and my baby.. A morning kiss is a must from mummy.. As i kissed him on both cheeks, forehead, and his lips, he suddenly looked at me, puzzled.. I smiled at him and no surprise at all, he smiled back.. That's my baby! :) 'I got to go, okay dear..' :(

As i got back into the car, and drove away, i looked at the mirror.. My kicik looked my way, and suddenly being distrated by Nurin, he turned elsewhere.. Gee pushed his ride back into the house, but before they got to enter the gate, my baby turned and looked my way again.. How i feel so sad.. :( Eventhough i could see this through the mirror, it just crushed me..

I miss you Aidan.. :( See you later kay??

p/s: call me sentimental.. hahaha.. usually, when there is mummy, there is Aidan.. okay??!! :P i hate it when he is not around! :( up until now, teringat2 kat Aidan.. tihihi..
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